Save Your Employees Thousands of Dollars with WV Simple Benefits

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Employee Engagement & Retention
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Save Employees Thousands of Dollars at No Cost
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Mortgage Lending

Fast Approvals and Reduced Closing Costs

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Real Estate

Home Search Expertise and Receive Commission Credit towards Closing Costs

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We have you covered – from Moving Services to the setup of all your Home Service needs

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Learn from the industry’s best and all in one place

Employee Engagement and Retention

Reduce the headache & cost of turn over by providing education to help employees realize the dream of homeownership by providing the path.

Recruitment Package

Attract new talent & set yourself apart from the competition by simply adding WV Simple Benefits to your current recruitment package.

No Cost Benefits Package

Deliver onsite education plus discounts on mortgage & real estate related services to your employees at no cost.

Companies with employees that have shorter commute times have higher retention

Hiring and firing is expensive. Constant onboard training is time consuming.

Simple Benefits helps increase employee retention through homeownership. Companies with employees with shorter commute times have lower turnover rates. Homeowners have 3× longer length of employment and are less likely to job hop. The security of their employment secures their home. Give the gift of homeownership to your employees through Simple Benefits.

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How Does It Work?

Simple Benefits is used by Companies, Non-Profits, Schools, Groups and Associations and it works in 5 key areas.

  • To bring a valuable benefit that does not increase overhead.
  • To create more value in the benefit package to improve recruitment and retention.
  • To create a cause driven marketing strategy to drive in revenue for nonprofits, schools, groups and associations.
  • To overcome employment dissatisfaction, increase in productivity.
  • To provide a solution to Human Resource specialists to help decrease absenteeism and turnover.

The Simple Benefits program was designed to bring education around financial wellness and cost savings while buying, selling or financing the single largest financial transaction most make in their lifetime , Real Estate, all while being 100% voluntary and at no cost to you!

We look forward to being a positive impact on your organization. Please click the JOIN Simple Benefits button to get started.

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